Welcome to Cohen, Going, Gone... 

... a self-indulgent insight into my over-inflated sense of worth.



A bit about me.....


This is the official site for me, Lucy Cohen, please accept no imitations. Although, to be honest, anybody imitating me seriously needs to get a life. 


Not content with running my own business I like to amuse myself by writing stupid poems. A few people who knew better than to disagree with me told me they were funny, so I decided to share them with the world wide web.

I was born in January 1983 which means that I am officially now into my thirties. To my great surprise I am not yet an international super star; I have not won an oscar, a grammy or even a Blue Peter badge. I did win Accounting Personality of the Year 2009 but I have a suspicion that there may not have been much competition for that particular accolade.

I hope you enjoy my rather lame contribution to the world of poems/writing/ranting. If you do, I also blog a bit so why not pass it on to a friend? If you don't, then pass it on to someone you don't like instead.

Lucy x

(mildly delusional undiscovered genius)


Please contact me at lcohen@mazumamoney.co.uk