Does Nothing Bracelet™


What is the Does Nothing Bracelet™?

Made by cynics for cynics, the Does Nothing Bracelet™ is a favorite among skeptics, the rational consumer and those that believe in actual science.

What is the Does Nothing Bracelet™ made from?

The bracelet is made from mass produced embroidery thread that has been purchased in bulk for practically nothing. The generic nature of the components and the slap-dash way in which the bracelets have been manufactured guarantee that this bracelet will do absolutely nothing to the highest standard.

What do wearers of the Does Nothing Bracelet™ say?

Wearers of the bracelet believe in the complete uselessness of the product; for them, evidence is crucial to their success and they prefer not to be distracted by superstition and woo. Some users of the Does Nothing Bracelet™ have reported that they like the colour.

Why was the Does Nothing Bracelet™ created?

The bracelet was created out of the principle that we wanted everyone, no matter what their level of mental agility or physical fitness, to fulfill their potential while wearing a completely unrelated cheap string bracelet.

How long does it last?

The bracelet is made from very cheap products and will probably not last very long at all. The disintegration of the bracelet will in no way affect its ability to do nothing.

Will the bracelets work for everyone?

We can absolutely assure you that the Does Nothing Bracelet™ will work for everyone. We have both anecdotal and scientific evidence that the bracelet does absolutely nothing. Some users have reported that they believe that the bracelets have improved their athletic performance, or that they regard them as lucky. If you do begin to find that the Does Nothing Bracelet™ improves your life in some unfathomable way, we can guarantee you that this is merely coincidental and should in no way be attributed to the Does Nothing Bracelet™.

What is the science behind the bracelet?

There are many products out there that claim to improve your balance using holograms, cure your headache with sugar pills or heal you with magnets.  The Does Nothing Bracelet™ has taken the best parts of all forms of alternative medicines to ensure that it does absolutely nothing.

The Does Nothing Bracelet™ in action

Doing nothing whilst being worn:

Doing nothing whilst on a table:


Don't just take my word for it, check out the testimonials!




Lucy Cohen (Creator of the Does Nothing Bracelet™)

"It's just string. It really does absolutely nothing."


Lowri Williams (Non-celebrity endorser of the Does Nothing Bracelet™)

"Only minutes after wearing the bracelet for the first time, I felt absolutely no different. Great product - it does exactly what it says on the tin."


Sophie Hughes (Fan of the Does Nothing Bracelet™)

"I put it on my cat. It didn't do anything for him either."


Nudd Lewis (Fan of the Does Nothing Bracelet™)

"Thank you from the bottom of my inner self for making the Does Nothing Bracelet a reality!

Over the years I have tried many alternative remedies in order to re-saturate the hue of my aura - like the Blind Faith Bangle (TM) and the Hope-N-Hell Wriststrap (Pat Pend) - but none have fulfilled their promotional assurances - until now! The Does Nothing Bracelet does exactly what it promises to do, and more. Not only does it successfully do nothing, but with no change of configuration or complex setup process, it also doesn't do something, anything or everything! I am most impressed with the product, and would willingly recommend it to my friend.

Have you considered developing foreign language versions that do nada, zip or diddly-squat? That way we could still enjoy the unique benefits of the Does Nothing Bracelet whilst on holiday abroad? I would be particularly interested in a "Breichled Lafargachu" for when I'm out and about in Wales.

Thanks again!"


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